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Article in the Illawarra Mercury

An article in Australian Ageing Agenda “Call to help get more seniors online” April 7, 2017

Connected Living for Positive Ageing, in  S. Gordon ed, Online Communities as Agents of Change and Social Movements, IGI Global

An opinion piece in Aged Care Insite Blog: “Nurture seniors’ tech skills for everyone’s gain”

An article in Educational Gerontology “Enhancing the Wellbeing of the Elderly: Social Use of Digital Technologies in Aged Care” by Helen Hasan and Henry Linger

A book chapter: Hasan H. Linger H (2017) Connected Living for Positive Ageing, in Steven Gordon ed.”Online Communities as Agents of Change and Social Movements.” IGI Global

Publicity on the University of Wollongong News entitled “Growing Old Gracefully”,

L. Burgess, H. Hasan & C. Alcock, “Information systems for the social well-being of senior Australians”, Building Sustainable Information Systems: Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Information Systems Development. Springer New York, United States, (2013) 89-100.

Alcock, C., Burgess, L. & Hasan, H. (2014). Connecting isolated senior citizens: illustrating the complexity of social information systems development. In H. Hasan (Eds.), Being Practical with Theory: A Window into Business Research (pp. 126-130). Wollongong, Australia: THEORI.

A report commissioned for an MBA Student assignment Final report MBA Student

Social Wellbeing and Ageing

The ASCOT Toolkit from the Personal Social Services Research Unit at Kent University UK.ASCOT is a measure which is designed to capture information about an individual’s social care-related quality of life (SCRQoL). Living Connected applies to the domains of Control, Occupation and Personal Connection,