Newsletter 2-5

Volume 2 Issue 4 May 2018 -in this Issue:
Energy Australia Grant
Glimpses around our Network
Pitching at IAccelerate
Plans for themed workshops

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Energy Australia grant

Living Connected has just received funds from the EnergyAustralia Tallawarra community grant program to go towards “workshops that will assist people with mental disabilities to learn new skills and actively engage with technology”.  We are finding that our approach to digital inclusion with elders can also apply to other groups struggling to cope in the digital world.
Glimpses around our Network

MACI_Group 2018-06-09_DB2 Portuguese.jpg

From l to r,  our wonderful groups at MACI, CTC Sussex, Portuguese club, Warrawong.
Pitching at IAccelerate

LC bio pic Our super girl Kim can not only answer the phone, arrange rosters and otherwise herd cats. She has taken Living Connected to this year’s iAccelerate Pitch Final on July 19. Finger’s crossed that she can go all the way! PitchFinals2018-02

Plans for themed workshops
Due to many requests we will resume our workshops on popular themes beginning in August. Watch our website for details coming soon.


Newsletter 2-4

Volume 2 Issue 4 May 2018: in this Issue:
Well done MARK321 Students!
Great turnout on May 11
Our volunteers recognised
Exciting activities coming up in June

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Well done MARK321 Students!


Our May 11 PR event was a huge success. A big thank you for all the work put in by UOW PR students and their lecturer Dr Sue Slowikowski. We have new partners which we are now following up.  The Students arranged interviews on WIN TV, i98 radio and for an article in the Illawarra Mercury.

Great turnout on May 11

We won’t name anyone for fear that we will forget someone, but these images of the May 11 event show great support from local politicians, together with representative from WCC, Warrigal, IRT, MCCI, Anglicare and others. Here they are mixing with students and members of the Living Connected team and volunteers.  Thanks to Awards Plus for the Certificates.


Our volunteers recognised

Our Shoalhaven volunteers were thanked at a Volunteer’ Week event put on by IRT in Nowra on May 23.

Exciting activities coming up in June

Living Connected has been invited to participate in Warrigal’s new ClubConnect venture see the link on for details

Newsletter 2-3

Volume 2 Issue3 April 2018  –In this Issue:

3rd Year PR Student ready for Launch
Dropin Centres Down the Coast
MCCI Seniors Festival
Improving our online presence

3rd Year PR Student ready for the Launch on May 11

As reported last month, University of Wollongong students enrolled in MARK321 are using Living Connected for their real world practice of public relations campaign development. Working in groups of 4-5 the students have been allocated different tasks for the event on May 11 to launch our report: “The economic and Social value of Living Connected”.  Through student connections we are also looking forward to developing new partnerships to expand the reach of Living Connected

Dropin Centres Down the Coast –Living Connected in the Shoalhaven

The Sussex Inlet Computers Club now runs two Dropin Centres. The first to be set up was the group at Inasmuch Aged-Care Facility, seen here on the left. Coinciding with the recent Seniors Festival, they have also started to run monthly sessions at the local Community Technology Centre.

inasmuch1     Sussex Dropin

Our original group at Sarah Claydon in Milton still meets weekly on Fridays at 1pm

MCCI Seniors Festival

Also in the week of the Seniors Festival, Living Connected was invited to participate in the event organised by the Multicultural Council of the Illawarra.


Improving our Online Presence

With much urging from Kim and help from Zara we have upgraded the quality of our logo and updated the website to be friendlier to different sized screens and mobile devices.  Check it out!



Newsletter 2-2

Volume 2 Issue 2 March 2018  –In this Issue:
3rd Year PR Student get involved
Save the Date –  May 11 1:30pm
Economic Value of Digital Inclusion
Inter-generational Connections

3rd Year PR Student get Involved

University of Wollongong students enrolled in MARK321“ Creative Public Relations Campaigns” are using Living Connected for their real world practice of public relations campaign development. We have already provided them with a brief on our organisation and they will work in teams to develop a creative campaign to address our public relations issues/opportunities.  We are now getting lots of emails from the groups working on different aspects of an event at iAccelerate on May 11 to raise the profile of Living Connected.

Save the Date – May 11  1:30pm.

This event will take place in the Foyer of iAccelerate and be planned, run and evaluated by the PR students.  Many of you may be contacted by these students with requests for interviews about your involvement with Living Connected. (This is one of the assignments of their course).  If you do not want to be contacted please let us know.  Associated with the event, we will be launching our report “We all benefit when Elders get Online: the economic and social value of living connected”. We will also talk about the great work we do on intergenerational and cross cultural connections as our High School and University student volunteer as helpers with our clients.



Intergenerational Connections

Our youngest team members are gaining in confidence as 1-on-1 helpers for our older clients.  This is a win-win for both generations as each learn from the other and enjoy the outcomes.


The Economic Value of Digital Inclusion

In contrast to the negative view of the ageing population as a major challenge, we focus on the opportunities that stem from elders as customers, clients and valued members of the community. In this report, we provide strong evidence for the importance of the digital inclusion of elders in realising these opportunities. We want to get this message across to government agencies, businesses and care providers with advice on how they can benefit from the services offered by Living Connected.




Newsletter 2-1

Download the pdf: LC Newsletter Vol 2 Iss 1

In this Issue: Call for Volunteers; Free Drop-in Sessions Expand; New Partnerships; New workshop topics

Call for Volunteers
Living Connected is currently being run by a hardworking and enthusiastic team supported by a group of volunteers. As we expand, we would love to build up our band of volunteers as many of our beginner clients need 1 on 1 help, often on some very basic computing tasks. If you know anyone interested please ask them to contact us, particularly if they live near any of our Dropin locations.  It is most rewarding work

Free Drop-in Sessions Expand
Living Connected now has an extensive network of Free Dropin Centres to help people learn to use IT.  We now have new Centres at the Illawarra Multicultural Services in Auburn St, St Vincent de Paul in Coniston and the North Warilla Community Centre.  This adds to our session at the Unanderra Community Centre, the Multicultural Aged Care Village at Warrawong, Milton IRT and our Tuesday and Thursday morning Dropin Sessions at iAccelerate.  See our Website for details and pass on an invitation to any potential customers.

Warrigal SC

New Partnerships
Our partnership with Wollongong Library is now taking off as our team members are getting up to speed with the library’s online and home services.  We will deliver some outreach services to citizens unable to get to the library and wanting help at home. Through the Multi Cultural Council of the Illawarra, we are having a great time assisting Portuguese and Turkish social groups. In partnership with Warrigal Care, we now have keen groups at Warrigal Shell Cove and Albion Park.

New workshop topics
We have found that many seniors need help registering and navigating provider websites such as myGov so are developing workshops on a variety of related topics.

Newsletter 1-6

 December, 2017 – Towards 2018 (download here LC Newsletter Vol 1 Iss 6)

In this Issue
Living Connected Illawarra Team
Living Connected Shoalhaven
Living Connected Board
Living Connected Volunteers

Towards 2018 – Season’s Greetings for 2017

We are grateful to all our team members, partners and supporters who have helped us grow in 2017, most recently, grants from the Be Connected Network.BeConnectedLogo

We look forward to working together in 2018 to promote the social well-being of elders in the Illawarra /Shoalhaven, helping them remaining independent, connected and engaged through digitally inclusion.

Living Connected the Illawarra Team  (Helen, Kim. Jack. Corina, Brian, Michael, Carole and a special thanks to all our other volunteers)


Living Connected Shoalhaven (Sussex Inlet, Milton, St Georges Basin)


Living Connected Board and Founders (Helen, Lois Kate Alana Peter and many thanks to the work of our accountant Lee)


Newsletter 1-5

In this Issue: The Living Connected Network  download here LC Newsletter Vol 1 Iss 5

Living Connected applies the findings of our research on why and how elders use digital devices.  We also conducted research on the flexibility and efficacy of networked-centric organisations.  We are putting this into practice and this map shows how our network now extends from Bulli to Milton, composed of aged-care, multicultural and community centres.